Fall State meeting in Lewistown today


The Fall meeting will be held at the Yogo Inn in Lewistown on September 24. Breakfast will be served beginning at 7:00AM in the Sapphire Room B. There is a block of rooms held under Montana Walleyes Unlimited. As of this morning, only three have been reserved. The block will be held until September 5, then you will just be hoping on getting a room. Itís a pretty busy weekend in Lewistown and I would not recommend waiting too long to book. The phone number to Yogo Inn is 406-535-8721.

The Crooked Creek Chapter will be hosting the social hour beginning at 1800 hours on Friday evening also in Sapphire Room B. There will be a Circuit meeting following the general meeting on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you there! Call Don Pyrah at 380-0064 if there are any questions.

Top 100 Montana Circuit Anglers

Top 100 have been updated. Below is the final AOY top 10. MC and AC will be posted next week.

TOP 10 Montana Circuit

1st - Ray Cole and Steve Thomas - 290.22

2nd - Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel - 279.24

3rd - Roxanne and Tom Tubbs - 271.20

4th - Lucky Bethel - 267.83

4th - Darrell Archey and Bob Sherer - 252.67

5th - Matt Fischer and Ty Hinderager - 252.21

6th - Kim and Phil Kumm - 246.51

7th - Jim Gillespie - 244.87

7th - Travis Scott and Kennie Williams - 244.80

8th - Greg Bouchard and Brian Olson - 242.44

9th - Scott Achielles and Darren Raney - 241.22

10th - Steve Kincaid - 240.57

10th - Cody Eisenbarth - 238.93

10th - Sam Cotterell and Patrick Slater - 235.31

Click here for complete top 100 results!