2015 Club Tax Info

Club members, the information for filing WUM Annual Tax Documents and instructions are located on the ClubInfo/Forms and Applications. All chapters must file prior to March 1st. If you do not see the new 2014 Tax Form link, refresh your browser.

Legislative Bills and News

Bob Gilbert updated his Legislative News! Click Here for the updated February 17th Bills.

2015 Walleye Tournaments are now Available!

Below are the Official tournament dates for all Montana Walleye Tournaments, just updated! If you have a tournament application you would like posted, please send it to us with the new 2015 dates.

*Tournament Contestants - Please Note*

Changes have been made to the tournaments since the Fish Tales magazine was printed and some have incorrect dates plus other information. The applications on our website contain the correct information as of 2/1/2014.

Fort Peck Challenge Tournament Applications
Rock Creek Tournament - Fort Peck - June 6-7
MT Governor's Cup - Fort Peck - July 9-11
Hell Creek Tournament - Fort Peck - July 25-26

Montana Walleye Circuit Tournament Applications
Fresno Walleye Challenge - Fresno - June 13-14
Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival - Canyon Ferry - June 27-28
Tiber Walleye Tourney - Lake Elwell - May 30-31
Fall Classic - Crooked Creek, Fourchette Bay - August 8-9

Other Tournament Applications
Broad Water Rod and Gun Club - Canyon Ferry, Broadwater Bay - July 11
John Arnold Derby - Hauser Lake, York Bridge - August 8
Womens Tournament - Fort Peck Marina - May 1st

Chapter Banquet Dates

If you would like to get your banquet dates posted on the website, please click here to email us your Banquet Info and we'll get it posted!

Crooked Creek - Feb 21st - Fairgrounds
Flathead - Feb 28th - Hilton Inn
Malta - March 28th - City Hall
Jordan - April
Fresno - April 11th - STATE MEETING - Ice Dome, Havre
Glasgow - April 11th
Upper Missouri River - May